Cannabis Dispensary Employee Handbooks.

Cannabis Dispensary Employee Handbooks

Cannabis Dispensary Employee Handbooks

Dispensary Employee Handbooks

Cannabis Dispensary Employee Handbooks are a vital and required part of any medical or recreational marijuana dispensary.  Ours are proven 100% compliant.

Cannabis Dispensary Employee Handbooks are a customized compilation of your company’s policies, procedures, working conditions, and behavioral expectations for employees. The Cannabis Dispensary Employee Handbooks also includes information about your company, employee compensation and benefits, and additional terms and conditions of employment.

An employee handbook is an important communication tool between you and your employees. A well-written handbook sets forth your expectations for your employees, and describes what they can expect from your company. It also should describe your legal obligations as an employer, and your employees’ rights. Cannabis Dispensary Employee Handbooks also can document your expectations of how you want your employees to conduct themselves including dress code and ethics. In addition, remind your employees of their legal obligations, especially if your business is engaged in an activity that is regulated by the government. Your employee handbook should include an a overview of your business and general employment policies covering employment eligibility, job classifications, employee referrals, employee records, job postings, probationary periods, termination and resignation procedures, transfers and relocation, and union information, if applicable.

Safety policies should also include your company’s policy regarding bad weather and hazardous community conditions.

Add your commitment to creating a secure work environment, and your employee’s responsibility for abiding by all physical and information security policies, such as locking inventory, file cabinets or computers when not in use. Cannabis Dispensary Employee Handbooks also can outline policies for appropriate computer and software use, and steps employees should take to secure electronic information, especially any personal identifiable information you collect from your customers.


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