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Our Mission at Denver Consulting Group – America’s Leading Cannabis Consulting Group and Marijuana Business Consultants

  Our mission is to work with clients to develop custom business strategies based on industry best practices for the burgeoning cannabis industry. Our expertise in cannabis regulations, dispensary compliance, canna-biz operations and marijuana cultivation ensure the success of our clients in this new and evolving cannabis industry.

Let us guide you through this complex process.

We can guide you through the competitive cannabis dispensary license application process. Dispensary licenses are awarded to applicants who show they have the knowledge to succeed. We are experts in cannabis dispensary licensing and the cannabis industry as  whole, and we know all the pitfalls so you can avoid them. We offer complete marijuana business plans including cultivation, security, operations, staffing, sales tracking, accounting, site selection and community outreach.

We can help you design and implement a rapid, secure and efficient build-out, and provide regulatory compliance so you don’t lose your  license. We provide cultivation and retail solutions, seed-to-sale technologies, plans and operational processes, and staff training.

We also provide existing cannabis businesses with a range of valuable services, including addressing common cannabis industry issues such as:

  • Low Yield
  • Inconsistent Product
  • Pest Outbreaks
  • High Waste
  • Low Profit
  • Low demand
  • Staffing Problems
  • Security Problems

We provide cannabis business consulting, prompt analysis, and rapid solutions to help improve any existing cannabis business.

“We will continue to seek operational input from Greg Gamet and his team as part of our ongoing efforts to run our facility in the safest, cleanest, and most efficient way possible, and, in turn, provide maximum relief to patients we service in the local Will County area.”
– Midwest Compassion Center