Marijuana Dispensary in Pennsylvania

Marijuana Dispensary in Pennsylvania:

Marijuana Dispensary in PennsylvaniaPennsylvania patients moved one step closer to access on December 21 when Pennsylvania Health Department Secretary Karen Murphy announced applications for grower/processor and dispensary permits will become available on January 17 and are due on March 20.

The department will announce a first round of approvals — up to 12 grower/processor permits and up to 27 dispensary permits — in late June. A second round of permits will be issued at an undetermined later date.

For purposes of medical marijuana licensing, the department has divided the state into six regions with a maximum of two grower/processor permits issued per region. Meanwhile, up to 27 dispensary permits will be issued in specific counties. Each dispensary permit is allowed three locations. The first location must be in the assigned county, but additional locations must be located elsewhere in the region.

The state has published specific rules regarding cannabis and the opening of a marijuana dispensary in Pennsylvania. The rules are complex and need to be followed to the letter. It is always advisable to work with cannabis business consultants that have written hundreds of successful dispensary and grow operation applications. They have the expertise to help you navigate through the myriad of rules in order to successfully be awarded a license to grow or dispense marijuana in Pennsylvania.

The rules include hundreds of details, including surveillance systems, tracking systems, employee training, handling waste, and much, much more.

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