Open a marijuana dispensary anywhere legal in America

Open a marijuana dispensary

Open a marijuana dispensary

Are you thinking of starting a marijuana dispensary in your state? Do you want to open a marijuana dispensary or improve an existing cannabis business?

We can help you open a dispensary and create a successful business.

DCG are America’s premier cannabis consultants.

Our marijuana business consulting services cover a vast array of areas withing the cannabis industry, and are specially tailored to meet each customer’s needs.

At Denver Consulting Group, we have developed a formula for your success. If you want to open a marijuana dispensary or start a cannabis business, it can be very costly – so it is vital that it is done properly, not only with assurance that the business is in compliance and meeting all of the myriad of regulations that govern the industry, but that it also is operating smoothly – with excellent brand positioning, a good build-out, excellent staff training, and procedures in place to assure a successful venture.

Many US states have legalized the sale and use of “medical marijuana” or “adult use” or “recreational” cannabis by licensed dispensaries. Although as of December 2014 federal agents will no longer routinely raid medical retail dispensaries, the sale of marijuana is still technically illegal at the federal level. This means that the legality of establishing and running a medical marijuana dispensary is a complicated issue that needs to be carefully navigated with professionals.

Denver Consulting Group is comprised of experts in dispensary operations, law, compliance, branding, and packaging. It is a true one-stop-shop for anyone looking for guidance and consultation on entering the cannabis industry, or on how to improve an existing marijuana business.

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