DCG - Maryland marijuana consultants - strike gold - win multiple licenses

Maryland marijuana consultants

A recent article in the Baltimore Business Journal about Maryland marijuana consultants and the new cannabis dispensaries in the state, featured an interview with Justin Jones, Co-Founder of Denver Consulting Group. Excerpts from the article appear below:

Maryland’s 102 pre-approved medical marijuana dispensaries have finished the hard part.

They’ve combed through hundreds of pages of application materials, paid thousands of dollars to have that application looked at, and waited almost a year for the state’s medical cannabis commission to make its decision.

So, what comes next? A lot of things.

From developing security plans, to finding real estate, to playing another waiting game, these dispensaries have a long way to go before they can host a ribbon cutting. But the companies seeking to open dispensaries aren’t alone in the process. Many have enlisted the help of out-of-state consultants to assist in accomplishing many of these goals.

Take for example Denver Consulting Group, a Colorado firm that has helped companies gain licenses to grow, process and distribute marijuana across the U.S. where it is legal, including California, Alaska and Oregon.

Denver Consulting worked with four Maryland companies that were pre-approved for a dispensary license last week. After working the companies through the application process, Denver Consulting will now help those same companies develop security and operational plans, establish human resources policies and work on a tracking system to monitor medical marijuana as it is grown, processed and sold.

“Before Dec. 9 in Maryland, everything was kind of a ‘What if?’ and now we know,” said Justin Jones, the owner of Denver Consulting Group. “Now, these 102 stores are going to open. And we have to get them there.”

Jones and his partners are also working to bring the dispensaries up to speed on the Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Regulation and Compliance system, also referred to as Metrc . The Metrc system, developed by Lakeland, Fla.-based Franwell, has been adopted by Maryland’s Natalie M. LaPrade Medical Cannabis Commission to track every marijuana plant that is grown in the state. The technology tracks a single marijuana plant from its earliest growth stages through its sale as a medical product at a dispensary.

The system, which is used in other states where marijuana is legal for medical and recreational uses, can be complicated for businesses new to the industry to grasp, Jones said. He said if all goes as planned, the dispensaries Denver Consulting is working with should open over the summer.

Before any plants can be tracked, though, the plants have to be grown.

Since the growers and processors have been pre-approved, the hunt has begun for warehouse space that is large enough and can support the right infrastructure to grow medical marijuana.

Denver Consulting Group, the most successful Maryland marijuana consultants, can help growers and dispensary operators locate appropriate space.

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