Make Your Marijuana Greener by Saving Energy

Make Your Marijuana Greener by Saving Energy

Make Your Marijuana Greener by Saving Energy. Unfortunately, not everything about the marijuana business is good and green. One aspect that has yet to be overcome is energy consumption, which according to a multitude of sources, is leading to an alarmingly large energy footprint.

According to some statistics, every kilogram of cultivated marijuana leads to about 4.3 tons of carbon dioxide.

To put that in perspective, that equates to about seven cross-country road trips in your standard vehicle. Grow operations within the United States consume about $6 billion a year in energy, ultimately taking up one percent of the country’s entire energy usage.

So, for all of the benefits that marijuana has brought to patients and state economies, there’s a glaring issue with the energy footprint left behind from this miraculous plant, and it’s one that certainly is in need of a solution.

First and foremost, those in the marijuana industry must be made fully aware of the impact that these grow operations have on the U.S. energy footprint. If growers don’t start taking action to make their operations more energy efficient and greener, the long term implications could serve to slow down the expansion of the industry.

The impact on energy is no secret to cannabis experts, and most cannabis-friendly states are already taking action to raise awareness and lower energy use. There are ways to Make Your Marijuana Greener by Saving Energy.

One company, Scale Energy Solutions, has developed systems used in large manufacturing environments, and is putting that expertise to good use in the cannabis industry. Their engineers can reduce energy use by as much as 50%, and save growers money while reducing their environmental footprint.

Other companies are providing more energy-efficient grow lights that reduce energy consumption without affecting plant growth. However, growers are extremely hesitant to change their lighting source because it will essentially change the recipe for their crops. In an industry where every crop cycle can make or break your cannabis business, it’s understandable why cannabis producers would rather stick with what works, rather than create a new formulation with more energy efficient lighting.

So if you want to make your marijuana greener by saving energy, we recommend working with experienced consultants that have expertise in cultivation, to help formulate a plan to reduce energy usage and costs, while ensuring that crop yields are maximized.