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The Dynamic Duo of the Marijuana Market

The Dynamic Duo of the Marijuana Market

Business Management News recently wrote “The Dynamic Duo of the Marijuana Market” – a piece about two of the co-founders of Denver Consulting Group, Justin Jones and Greg Gamet. In a piece titled, The Dynamic Duo of the Marijuana Market Now Share the Secrets of Success, the magazine wrote: While most successful businessmen and entrepreneurs guard their secrets… more

California Could Become a Marijuana Sanctuary State

California Could Become a Marijuana Sanctuary State

California legislators have taken a page from laws establishing sanctuary cities for immigrants to create a measure aimed at protecting marijuana from a federal crackdown, so that California could become a Marijuana Sanctuary State. Similar to laws shielding undocumented immigrants, the recently introduced Assembly Bill 1578 would bar cooperation by police in the state with federal authorities seeking… more

Gram Central Station, a Denver Consulting Group Client, Approved for Dispensary License in Portland

Gram Central Station

Denver Consulting Group (, the nation’s leading cannabis industry consultants, announced that their client, Gram Central Station, was awarded a coveted dispensary license in Portland, Oregon. Dispensary owners Frank and Erin Wallace also operate Sirius Flower Farms, a cultivator that is famous for their popular “Sirius Black” strain. The flower has been featured in High Times Magazine,… more

Marijuana’s Catch 22

Marijuana's Catch 22

There is a situation becoming known in medical circles as Marijuana’s Catch 22. A rise in the use of medical marijuana has spurred a debate about organ transplantation, and it’s changing some laws across the nation. Garry Godfrey found out in 2010 that he was removed from an organ transplant waiting list in Maine due to a… more

Legal Marijuana’s #1 Enemy

legal marijuana's #1 enemy

Who is legal marijuana’s #1 enemy? For many years, the biggest threat to marijuana legalization and fledgling legal cannabis businesses was the police.  But now, with legalization sweeping the country and a vast majority of Americans in support of medical marijuana, the real enemy is revealing itself.  And as recent events demonstrated, it’s Big Pharma – Legal… more

Kansas City Eases Marijuana Laws

Kansas City Eases Marijuana Laws

“We’re not in Kansas, anymore,” Dorothy famously said to Toto. And not that Kansas City eases marijuana laws, it’s beginning to look more like Oz than the Midwest. Missouri deems marijuana possession a crime that carries hundreds of dollars in fines and a potential jail term. But residents of Kansas City voted overwhelmingly to reduce the penalties… more

Florida’s complex marijuana laws

Florida's complex marijuana laws

Florida’s complex marijuana laws – Questions and Answers: Is recreational marijuana legal in Orlando? If I have Alzheimer’s disease, can I apply for medical cannabis? And when can I start growing weed in my backyard? No. Maybe. And definitely not right now. With the passage of Amendment 2 last year, Florida’s already complex marijuana laws are currently… more