METRC Inventory Control System Training

METRC Inventory Control Training

METRC Inventory Control System Training

The METRC Inventory Control System Training elective focuses on how the software program integrates with your specific POS system. Our experienced consultants specialize in bridging the gap between METRC and many POS systems which include: Bio-Track, MMJ Menu, MJ Freeway, and Adilas. This class covers retail / medical dispensary shops along with their cultivation facilities function.

Our METRC Inventory Control Training is designed for larger establishments with multiple locations and 25 or more participants from within their business. The elective is a consecutive 3-week series on Dispensary, Cultivation, and MIP Orientation that thoroughly covers METRC per each area. Each session is 6 hours long and costs $150 per participant. DCG can assist with the logistics of reserving a conference room for classes with over 30+ people.

Metrc is first and foremost a regulatory compliance system, unlike any application on the market. Built by regulators specifically for oversight; Metrc provides the necessary visibility for adherence to rules, regulations and statues. Metrc has both an industry side and regulatory side. The industry side is used to report the required events and information while the regulatory side is used for enforcement and compliance monitoring. At the heart of the solution is the RFID tag provisioning process. On behalf of the regulatory body Metrc commissions and serializes both plant and package tags, delivering them to each industry licensee. Metrc uses these RFID tags to enable industry wide end to end tracking. Metrc was deployed in December 2013 for the State of Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division.  To date, the system has registered over 20,000 users and tracked well over 5,000,000 plants and 3,800,000 packages.

Our METRC Inventory Control Training will prepare you for using this important system.


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