Marijuana Infused Products Training  

Marijuana Infused Products Training

Marijuana Infused Products Training

Marijuana Infused Products Training

The Marijuana Infused Product training class offers an in-depth look at operating and working within a licensed infused product facility. The class discusses the brief history of legal cannabis, those key laws affecting the industry, inventory control, packaging and labeling requirements, sanitation, worker protection standards, product testing, record keeping, sanitation, and strategies for maintaining quality products in a competitive market.


Each state has different laws. In Colorado, for instance, under the new regulations, edibles sold recreationally must be wrapped individually or demarked in increments of 10 or fewer milligrams of activated THC, the major psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. The state’s recommended dose is 10 milligrams. Edibles packaging, too, is changing as new, more child-resistant restrictions go into effect.

Here are some other Colorado laws regarding cannabis infused products:

Colorado edibles regulations

Packaging: Each standardized 10-milligram serving must be demarked “in a way that enables a reasonable person to intuitively determine how much of the product constitutes a single serving of active THC.”

Labeling: There will be more explicit warnings and thorough information on labels, including warning statements such as “This product is unlawful outside the State of Colorado” and “The intoxicating effects of this product may be delayed by two or more hours.”

Potency: The Marijuana Enforcement Division is providing incentives for companies to produce 10 milligram products by putting greater burdens on manufacturers of products between 10 and 100 milligrams.


Remember, every state has its own, unique regulations. Contact us for information on your state’s regulations for cannabis infused and marijuana edible products.

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