Budtender Training for cannabis dispensaries

Budtender Training

Budtender Training

Budtender Training

Denver Consulting Group’s elective Marijuana Budtender Training offers dispensary agents industry insights to increase sales, improve customer service and retention, while staying compliant with State and Federal rules and regulations. Professional instructors walk attendees through the development and implementation of standard operating procedures and effective ways to educate customers. The class will increase a dispensary agent’s confidence and skills, in turn strengthening the overall dispensary team.

Looking to get certified as a budtender? DCG’s budtender certification is the most widely recognized in the cannabis industry. The Budtender is the front line of the cannabis industry. Budtenders provide the link between the ever-developing cannabis industry and the consumer. Budtenders have the responsibility of understanding cannabis products in depth and their diverse effects.

Budtenders are professional individuals with the duty to facilitate safety and legality in the cannabis industry. The modern budtender is educated, passionate about cannabis, and eager to provide an informative, safe, and pleasurable experience to the consumer.

Budtender Training is designed to instruct dispensary staff on key business issues, such as legal, scientific, and medical applications of cannabis. The course also includes how to identify strains, understand the different cannabis products, provide good customer service, and conduct the establishment’s business in a safe and legal manner.


Budtender Training Topics include:

  • Role & responsibilities of a budtender
  • Customer service techniques
  • Types of medical marijuana
  • Medical effects of different types of medical marijuana
  • Medical marijuana clones
  • Methods of ingestion & preparation for use
  • Effects of eating medical marijuana
  • How to roll a medical marijuana joint
  • Hash-effects and uses
  • Kief-effects and uses
  • Medical marijuana tinctures
  • Medical marijuana transdermals
  • Weighing medical marijuana & packaging methods
  • Cash register tips & safety precautions
  • Wages & career advancement

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