Cannabis Dispensary and Marijuana Grow Training

Dispensary and Grow Training


Cannabis Dispensary and Marijuana Grow Training Services.

Denver Consulting Group’s cannabis industry experts offer a variety of cannabis dispensary, marijuana grow and extraction processing training sessions at Twisted Events, our training studio, as well as on-site educational and compliance training. Class sessions provide valuable information to those just entering the market as well as experienced veterans. The training provides a wealth of information based upon time in the trenches as we present everything from the key laws affecting canna-business to the packaging of a safe and compliant product. This is an opportunity to gather with industry professionals as we identify those items that will help your organization be compliant and up-to-date with the most current regulations.

Dispensary and Grow Training in Denver and Portland are held every month with a rotation of elective courses and custom classes to suit your needs and interests. Whether you come alone or with 20 colleagues, our training studio provides you with the tools for success in the cannabis industry.

Check our calendar for a schedule of events and training sessions offered by Denver Consulting Group.  For a more customized session, consider our affordable on-site training course, customized to your needs. For more information on Cannabis Dispensary and Marijuana Grow Training, contact Denver Consulting Group.

Other topics in our Dispensary and Grow Training include:

The History of Marijuana as a Medicinal Drug
Dispensary Operations
Dispensary Technician – Definition and Role
Dispensary Technician Responsibilities
Dispensary Policies and Procedures
Patient Care
Patient/Customer Education
Medical Conditions and Cannabinoids
Managing the Patient Experience
Medical Cannabis Types
Business Management


“Leveraging their cannabis experience in Colorado, Denver Consulting Group provided us with valuable, practical advice for operating our dispensary.”
– Midwest Compassion Center; Illinois
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