Cannabis Business Consulting

Cannabis Business Consulting

Meet the DCG Cannabis Business Consulting Team: The leading experts in the cannabis industry, and the nation’s most respected marijuana business consultants.

Marijuana Business Consulting

Justin Jones, Owner of Denver Consulting Group

Justin Jones

As a successful entrepreneur, Justin brings more than twenty years experience in startups, product acquisition, sales and cannabis cultivation and dispensing. He is also co-owner of Kush Bottles Colorado, DANK, and Elm Properties.

Cannabis Business Consulting

Greg Gamet, Owner of Denver Consulting Group


Greg Gamet

As a successful entrepreneur, Greg brings more than twenty years of business development, investor relations and cannabis regulatory experience. He is also co-owner of Kush Bottles Colorado, DANK, and Elm Properties.

Cannabis Consulting

Bryan Sullivan; Owner of Denver Consulting Group

Bryan Sullivan

A dedicated advocate to industry compliance, Bryan has more than five years experience dealing with legal matters affecting the state and local marijuana law implementation. He is also the founder of Sullivan Law Practice and co-owner of DANK, Kush Bottles Colorado, Elm Properties, and Dorsia Holdings, LLC.

Marijuana Dispensary Consultant

Jay Griffin; Owner of Denver Consulting Group


Jay Griffin

Jay has five years experience in dispensary management and over fifteen years in the land development industry. We draw on his experience gained growing a landscape architecture firm from 11 to 125 employees. During such time, he provided valuable training, mentoring and development documents including master plan design guidelines, covenants codes and restrictions, technical specifications. In the cannabis industry, he has held every position from front of house to the back of the grow. As co-owner of DANK, he provides leadership for a growing industry. Contact at the links below.
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Cannabis Consulting and Marijuana Consultant

Frank Falconer; Owner of Denver Consulting Group

Frank Falconer

Frank has fourteen years of cannabis product development and distribution, real estate acquisition and development, and facility licensing experience.

Cannabis Compliance Consulting

Ryan Lewis; Denver Consulting Group



Ryan Lewis

Ryan is known to be the smartest guy in the room, any room. Ryan has experience in many cannabis businesses, including cultivation, dispensary and processing operations. He has become our expert at reconciling compliance problems through constructive guidance. He shows his commitment through a strong desire for the success of the cannabis industry as a whole. More about Ryan Lewis (PDF).

Marijuana Dispensary Consultation

Dan Glenn; DANK General Manager

Dan Glenn


Dan Glenn is the General Manager of DANK, the dispensary affiliated with Denver Consulting Group. As the General Manager, Dan is responsible for the daily business operations and compliance. Dan approaches compliance with a level head, making no exceptions and walking a straight line. His guidance on the best practices of operating a compliant cannabis-business is unparalleled. His friendly demeanor and acute attention to detail make him ideal for facility training, facility design, and implementation of complex procedures.